Mesher, a Korean DeFi production studio, is releasing a staking protocol time capsule on June 30.
The time capsule is the staking protocol of ENTER, the governance token of Mesher.
ENTER is the new symbol of the existing oDON.

Mesher, a subsidiary of Chain Partners, is composed of members who launched and operated “Donkey”,
a coin deposit and loan service. At one point, Donkey's accumulated deposits exceeded the 1.8 trillion won mark within six months of its launch.
Despite large amounts of deposits,
there have been no hacking or security incidents up to this day since it has been rebranded as “Mesher Center.”

The time capsule is the key to the strategy of boosting the value of the ENTER token.
In particular, Mesher put in place several devices inside the capsule to prevent liquidity leakage.
One of them is to pay a certain portion of Mesher's B2B revenues to the stakers of the time capsule.
Recently, Mesher's B2B DeFi solution signed a contract with MARBLEX(MBX), a blockchain ecosystem of Netmarble.

※ Mesher is a subsidiary established by Chain Partners,
a first-generation blockchain company in Korea, to expand its DeFi business.
Mesher operates Mesher Pro, a DaaS (Defi as a Service) for businesses,
as well as the DeFi service for general investors.

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