Avita token, In negotiation with the Government of El Salvador

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Thread: Avita token, In negotiation with the Government of El Salvador

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    Default Avita token, In negotiation with the Government of El Salvador

    Avita token, In negotiation with the Government of El Salvador

    Business talks between Avita and the Government of El Salvador are being held continuously and consistently. El Salvador has already legalized Bitcoin as one of its legal tenders, so these talks are the first steps toward the Crypto world.

    Italian co-founder Antonio Vietri, the Golden Shoemaker [Il Calzolaio dOro] told us:

    A second meeting with representatives from the Government of El Salvador has already been held, and we believe that great alliances will be sealed, we were welcomed with great kindness and the talks were very productive
    -We are absolutely enthusiastic about the contacts we have had so far with the government of El Salvador re the creation of a Design Academy in Bitcoin City, but this is just one of the points on the agenda. We are in touch with different Fashion Weeks in different Countries to be part of them.

    Avita coin has been on the market for almost 2 months now and this is a major achievement, which was possible thanks to a great work of a team that supports and accompanies us.

    The creation of a Design Academy and the adoption of crypto currencies as a way of payment will empower emerging designers and will give them the chance to have a broader reach for their products and art. Said the Italian designer.

    Avita token is a decentralized token and Binance user, just like Blockchain. Avita token was designed to create the first true ecosystem of the fashion world, this is why the slogan is Avita. The future of fashion. Avita aims at creating an ecosystem that allows the interaction of all parties involved in the fashion industry, that is students, design schools, production, distribution and marketing companies to the end consumer.

    The ecosystem will generate benefits and opportunities for the crypto as much as for the fashion industry.

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    Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Avitacoin
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvitaLifestyle

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    org Xem chi tiết

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    Cám ơn bạn , b*i viết quá tuyệt vời .

    Nếu bạn đang có nhu cầu xuất khẩu lao động H*n Quốc hay Nh*t Bản an to*n nhất, hãy liên hệ t*p đo*n ANDUONG GLOBAL. Công ty Cổ phần Cung ứng Nhân lực T*p đo*n An Dương – ANDUONG GLOBAL l* doanh nghiệp ngo*i quốc doanh được th*nh l*p từ tháng 12 năm 2021. Xuyên suốt quá rình hoạt động của mình, ANDUONG GLOBAL tự h*o l* công ty đ*o tạo xuất khẩu lao động H*n Quốc, Nh*t Bản…uy t*n số 1 tại xklđ quảng bình v* cung ứng nguồn nhân lực h*ng đầu tại Việt Nam.

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