A Web3 project makes it easy to start new healthy habits like MoveToEarn projects do

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Thread: A Web3 project makes it easy to start new healthy habits like MoveToEarn projects do

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    Default A Web3 project makes it easy to start new healthy habits like MoveToEarn projects do

    A Web3 project makes it easy to start new healthy habits like MoveToEarn projects do

    Ha-Bit, a #Web3 project that makes it easy for you to start new healthy habits like #MoveToEarn projects do. On June 18 we will start our third airdrop and ICO event.

    What is Ha-Bit?

    The Ha-Bit ecosystem includes products and services designed to incorporate healthy habits into the lives of our users.
    The first service is called 100 Days Challenge. In parallel, we are working on the Ha-Bit App, which will offer a Build a Habit and Earn scheme, and will group the other applications of the Ha-Bit ecosystem.

    How to get everything you want with a simple step a day?

    It happens to all of us
    Surely you know what you want to do in life to consider yourself more successful, however, there is often a big difference between what we think is more convenient and what we finally do.
    Surely you should be studying, working or researching but very often you change these activities for some much more pleasant ones.
    You know within you that you would like to be dedicating your time to things that you consider more productive but you do not know very well how to change this behavior.
    You probably try to use your willpower, try focusing techniques that seem to help for a while, but sooner or later you end up falling into the same rut.
    We want to anticipate you that the solution comes gradually and is the one that we show you in the next section ...

    Ha-Bit App

    Ha-Bit App is a web application as well as an Android and IOS application. It is currently in the development phase. However, in the following sections we will proceed to name the most important characteristics.

    Users gain profits from investing in three ways.
    Free Mode.
    Owning NFTs.
    Challenge Mode.
    Coin Capital Gains.
    Ha-Bit will make weekly purchases (buybacks on native token) for the value of 15% of the sale of NFTs.

    Token Use Cases

    Staking Pool.
    Challenge Mode.
    Coin Capital Gains.
    Most importante features:
    Buy Fee - 0%.
    Sell Fee - 3% (Go to Staking Pool Rewards).
    Supply 3'000,000,000.
    Launch Type:
    Fair Launch Baseline around 30% of the amount raised in the initial coin offering and initial sale of NFTs.
    Equivalence : 1 HABIT Coin = 0.00012BUSD

    NFT Use Cases
    Each day of compliance is equivalent to receiving the value of points generated by the NFT.
    For example, if person A has the green NFT, each day he meets his goal and checks the completed box, he will get a random number of points according to the range of the NFT, in the case of the green NFT it will be between 501 and 600 points daily.
    Daily reward pool is equivalent to 100000 HABIT Coins (Adjustable over time accordingly to the points accumulated by all users).
    These tokens will be distributed proportionally according to the number of points obtained.
    Price per pack: 25 BUSD.

    Initial Coin Offering: 5 %
    Founder and Cofounder: 15%
    Development: 15%
    Marketing: 10%
    Reward Pool: 20%
    Foundation Reserves: 35%

    More Info at

    Ha-Bit | App

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    in ro ham eslah kon:
    org Ch*o mọi người ! Nếu bạn có coppy hay chỉnh sữa b*i viết của mình thì xin để lại nguồn tác giả nhé, thanks

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