YoYo Vision is a hyper-deflationary $BUSD reflection token with its own Ecosystem
giving the power to grow!

Looking for a next 100x?
Three burn mechanism & own Ecosystem lead to a constant price increase!

YoYo Vision is an unique kind of reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the first $BUSD reflection token with own ecosystem giving the power to grow. With our three burn mechanism & ecosystem tokens we will maximize your earnings. Automatically receive 6% $BUSD rewards from every transaction.

Our ecosystem tokens have different functions. 20% of total supply are held in our “Growth Fund”. Within this fund we will invest, get passive income and reinvest in our YoYo Vision Token.

YoYo Vision is a hyper-deflationary token, burning 1% of each transaction. Additionally, 5% of the total supply are held in the Ecosystem Pool «Burn Events». With the distributions in $BUSD, we buy back YoYo & burn. One additional deflationary feature is that YoYo constantly burns 40% of the Ecosystem tokens.

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Our vision is to get stronger as a community, long-term price growth for our YoYo Vision Token, and a lifelong passive income in $BUSD.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) gives everyone the possibility to invest in small amounts. The existing financial industry makes mostly only a few riches, YoYo Vision changes that. With YoYo Vision investors have the possibility to invest in
small amounts and without any minimum.

YoYo Vision believes in DeFi and gives everyone from everywhere in the world the opportunity to invest. We bring crypto to the average person.

YoYo is decentralized. We encourage open communication with our community. We believe that community, trust, transparency, and communication are the four pillars to be successful.

YoYo Vision Contract:

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