🔥 War Pigs Token 🐷

War Pigs is a unique investment opportunity on the Ethereum Blockchain. The utility we provide is one of a kind and sets us apart from any other token on the market today. We are bridging the gap between the corporate world and blockchain by partnering with MCA Prime Lenders. Through our innovative Decentralized App, funds will be syndicated into A Prime Businesses and will revert interest profits back into War Pigs’ chart. This way, our token holders can rest assured that they will receive consistent and considerable passive income. Our Decentralized App will also allow easier access for small businesses to accept payments in crypto when providing merchant services. As profits flow back into War Pigs via buybacks, our price will continue to grow in the right direction.

We are excited to finally bring blockchain and crypto to Corporate America and conquer it as we continue to secure partnerships in the MCA lending and Merchant Services space. And this is all just the beginning!

You can trust that War Pigs is being run and managed by an extremely qualified team with over 40 years of combined experience in finance, investment, business, and legal consulting. We pride ourselves in our relentless drive and motivation to explore new and creative ways to expand our utility and continue War Pigs’ path towards success and maximization of profits for our holders!


Token Name: WAR PIGS
Token Address: TBA
Blockchain: ETH (Erc20)

Buy Tax - 12% (first week) 10% (second week)

Sell Tax - 15% (first week) 12% (second week)

🚀 Presale Poolo end Of May 🚀
✅ Fully Incorporated Business
🗽 Applying for a NY Money Transmitter License
📈 100x Or More Potential!
🔥 Initial Burn at Launch
🐷 Badass NFT Collection Ready
📝 Partnerships with MCA Prime Lenders
🔥 40 years of combined industry experience
💰 High Rewards with our Staking Program
🔐 Locked LP for 1 year
💴 Buybacks using profits made from ROI
💰 Giveaway contests
✅ Fully Doxxed, Experienced and Dedicated Team
📝 Pre-launch Audit Soon
🔥 Exchange Listings Soon After Launch
🐷 New MCA Partnerships Incoming

Website: Under Construction
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @warpigstoken