With approximately 7,000 coins listed on CoinMarketCap today, cryptocurrencies have conquered the world by storm. This has piqued the interest of newcomers to the industry. Itís getting easier to invest every day, itís popular and exciting particularly among younger investors, and financial freedom can seem like a reachable goal with such returns.

The downside is, anyone can be a victim of an unlucky timing, the complexity to navigate through the market without the expertise, scams or driven by fear of missing out.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a risky business, but itís even riskier if you donít know how to study and analyze cryptocurrencies. However, you can obtain the data to make an informed investment decision with the correct crypto research tools.

Everyone seems to be discussing the metaverse and NFTs. Every day, new investing trends emerge in the marketplace. This makes it difficult for investors to keep track of the most popular coins. Crypto technical tools are valuable assets that assist consumers in navigating the market more effectively. Many of these programs include a free trial period during which you may check them out and see which one is best for you. Knowing how to use these tools can help you track cryptocurrency price movements and get an advantage.

A new crypto research tool worth investigating is Apollo18. It is a provider of cryptocurrency financial intelligence, market data, indexes, network statistics, and other analysis tools to assist you in making informed cryptocurrency decisions. Fundamental insights and behavioral reports are also available on the platform, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve. Furthermore, you can set up alerts on Apollo18 to receive notifications if the social volume of a currency youíre interested in increases.But what if you donít want to invest in the most sought-after coins?

The biggest opportunities are obviously in those that havenít yet been widely discussed. The ones that YouTube influencers havenít yet endorsed and pumped up themselves before doing so. Those who havenít yet appeared in one of Elon Muskís interstellar tweets or the German daily Bild. Apollo18 is a platform that provides you with all the tools you need to locate the next mooner and get on board as soon as possible.

How does Apollo18 work?
Apollo18 is an on-chain data and intelligence platform. It collects data from several blockchains to assess crypto network activity correctly and then reports metrics and insights to investors. You may use Apollo18 to look up market indicators for any coin and see how many active addresses have completed transactions. Price data is also available and can set alerts and export data. It really differs by providing everything thatís publicly available for these early investment opportunities with no marketing whatsoever.

With the help of the platform, early investors may make informed decisions about their investments, including the number of unique addresses and transactions, indexed buyer/seller ratio, and much more. And while other, more centralized providers define the roadmap themselves, Apollo18 outsources these decisions to the community while educating their users.

Even before audits, looking into every other part of the tokenís smart contract functionality and holder distribution might help with trustworthiness rating.

Every coin has its dashboard where you can track its fundamentals. For newcomers, they deployed machine learning algorithms with data from the coinís financial and social media accounts to generate a simple score that informs users whether the coin is likely a ďhoaxĒ or not. Other data points along with the tokenís social media data, are used by Apollo18 to build a 2nd score estimating the likelihood of a coin becoming a ďmoonerĒ using machine learning as well. This could help more people achieve financial independence faster while reducing risk and simplify, automate, filter or sort opportunities for crypto investors.

Hereís how 2022 looks like for Apollo18

Apollo18 is a cost-effective, transparent, and adaptable platform for crypto analytics in DeFi, Web3, Metaverses and Tokenized Assets. They intend to develop dashboards for teams and funds, plan to become more decentralized, and an education campaign is in the makings.

In addition, Apollo18 will launch a Freemium version to target new users and a conversion rate of >2% from free to paid plans could already send their token to the moon. ďWeíre also interested in launching influencer campaigns and training for and with key opinion leaders. Aside from that, we will make use of community suggestions, improve communication, and offer airdrops to long-term and loyal investors.Ē ó they said in an interview.

In short, they want to provide:

Smart money (or Scam) detecting features, resources, and new indicators
More features and visualizations for your community than any web2, on-chain data, or mainstream crypto data outlet.
Combine open-source, social, and on-chain data to prevent information overload while allowing for in-depth analysis of genuine transactions.
Identify money sources to distinguish between smart money, scammers, traders, and faithful clients/holders.

Why you need Apollo18?
To foresee variations, you must go back in time, which necessitates technical analysis and this fundamental analysis of the entire crypto market. The research examined the value of a coin over a set period using data the world usually sees in graphs and charts for their machine learning algorithms.

You may need to examine trends over several hours, days, weeks, or months. It also entails historical investigation. We analyze how coins have fared in the past and how quickly they course-correct following a large change up to or down when studying the market. This is a time-consuming process when done manually. This may be accomplished in no time with the assistance of Apollo18.

When the token is listed, the tool has already aggregated the info it can find to score it for newcomers or customize notifications for crypto enthusiasts. It also analyzes social media buzz from a variety of sources. Apollo18 can help you reduce your risk of being a scam victim and invest as per your risk profile. It provides real-time access to independent assessments and on-chain analyses of new coins on DEXs and information from launchpads. Apollo18 offers to collaborate on alternative investment criteria with a community, the crew, or your own team.

Donít be concerned about missing out.

FOMO, or the fear of missing out on something, is a term that everyone is familiar with.

Although itís impossible to predict which cryptocurrency will soar in value and when, having a reliable data source like Apollo18 can help you to find your own trading style.

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