You have made your way to the arena.
Cryptolympics is a home for 10 different community driven BEP-20-tokens. Those 10 different tokens on the Binance Smart Chain are fully owned by the community.

The concept of Cryptolympics is based on the famous olympic games. Imagine torches, nations and of course, ultimate winners.

10 different tokens named after the top 10 crypto countries with the most crypto holders. Those tokens are listed on a ranking list (look to your left), sorted by the current price.

The reward for the winners?

A huge PricePool is airdropped every week!


And hey, lets be real here.
Cryptolympics is not going to save the planet. Were not creating technology to teleport people and were definitely not gonna compete with SpaceX.

Were here to play a game. And were here to try and make our community rich as fuck.

How to participate in the fairlaunch

You have to sign up with binance and verify your account by using picture and proof of address.

After making account, you need to by some BNB with credit card or other fiat.

Then you have to set your crypto wallet, we recommend you METAMASK.

You have to add binance smart chain to Metamask.

Later on you can withdraw your BNB from Binance by pasting your wallet address in withdraw section.

Eventually, Go to pinksale.finance and click on the launchpad section and search for our tokens.
You can find the names of the tokens on our homepage: Cryptolympics.

You have to connect metamask with pink sale. Enter the BNB amount you want to buy our tokens and click on Buy. Once the fair launch is finished - you can claim your tokenson the same page.

Tokenomics For Each Token

Our goal: As fair as possible and 100% transparency!
Launch, distribution and locking.
For each token, we conduct a fairlaunch on:
PinkSale - The Launchpad Protocol for Everyone!
The softcap is 30BNB.
80% of the softcap goes into PancakeSwap liquidity.
Total supply for each token:

Taxes for each transaction (buy & sell)
2% PancakeSwap liquidity
5% PricePool in BNB
5% Marketing in BNB

Website: Cryptolympics
Telegram: https://t.me/CryptolympicsOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptOlympicsO