BETPRO: The currency of the future for sports bettors and tipsters.

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Thread: BETPRO: The currency of the future for sports bettors and tipsters.

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    Default BETPRO: The currency of the future for sports bettors and tipsters.

    BETPRO: The currency of the future for sports bettors and tipsters.

    The first Hungarian sports betting token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to make BETPRO a currency first on Futball Pápa and betHustlers, and then on major international betting sites.


    The brand’s founder, Gábor Csépányi has a 17-year football background. He played for several Hungarian and international teams, so the love of sport has never been far from him. This theoretical and practical knowledge he acquired was later put to good use in other ways.

    He was the first in Hungary to put sports betting on a mathematical basis, betting with a monthly strategy instead of one-off picks, which has enabled him to be profitable every month for 9 years.

    In 2020, he decided to take his work to the next level and created the Futball Pápa brand Futball Pápa - FÅ‘oldal with a large following of real people who really interested in sports betting. The brand was launched on a simple WordPress site, which ran for half a year, and received an upgrade in January 2021, when it was completely redesigned. The homepage was converted into a sales page, and this modification plus paid advertising helped sales to multiply.

    We have set up several groups on the website to reach as wide an audience as possible, not just those who bet big. We’ve created a free 8-part video series that serves as a lead magnet to get people signed up. We currently have over 1000 subscribers. We recorded a short webinar in which Gábor prepares beginners to be able to bet on their own. We have also set up a mentoring programme, where Gábor spends several hours with the mentees, teaching them everything they needs to know about professional sports betting.


    We launched our self-developed professional website in October 2021 backed by a tipster platform. It’s a hungarian site. And we will launch the international A tarhely tulajdonosa meg nem toltotte fel a honlap tartalmat tipster site soon also.

    The aim is to have up to several hundred professional tipsters working on the website at the same time. The site is under construction, although it is still in its early stages but will be available within days, the final UI/UX design will be available around November/December.


    At the same time, we started to plan our own cryptocurrency, BetPro with the help of a serious team.

    The goal is to have the token as an accepted currency on the Futball Pápa and betHustlers sites in the first round, and later on international sports betting sites as well. In addition, the recruitment of international and domestic tipsters has started, and not only football but also other sports bettors are joining the brand.

    API integration – implementation of full automation on the Pope and betHustlers pages
    Application development for iOS and Android platforms that fully replaces the website’s features
    Contract with online sports betting offices for the introduction of BETPRO
    Involvement of international offline casinos among the BETPRO acceptance sites

    Contract address:

    12% BUY / SELL FEE





    More Info:

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