Invest in all of DeFi 3.0
with AGFI.
Donít know which DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) token to buy?
We invest in multiple DaaS tokens and yield farms and return the profits to holders.

Why should I buy this instead of other DeFI 3.0 Tokens?
This project has been built by a legitimate team with the aim of being a true DAO for the community. We arenít teenagers trying to figure out how to run a crypto project for the first time, we have industry connections and experience.

So who is running this project?
We are staying anonymous for now. We need to set up a legal foundation in a jurisdiction that is safe to support a project like this, and ideally once itís a fully functional DAO.

How will the rewards work?
For each 20 ETH raised in the treasury we will aim to put 10 towards increasing liquidity through buybacks, and 10 towards a portfolio of investments. Earnings made on the investment portfolio will be assessed every 2 weeks to determine if assets should be redistributed, profits taken to sow back into the community, or left to grow.

Is Liquidity Locked?
Yes, for 1 year. Proof will be linked and pinned in the TG after launch.

Why isnít contract ownership revoked?
We want to retain the ability to adjust the tax rates over time if they need it, and then move that power to a DAO to give it to the community.

Why isnít the DAO available now?
We have to build it. Marketing funds will also be used to build out some of the functionality for the community.

Wen Marketing?
The treasury will need to grow enough first, but weíll utilize standard packages for YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter to expand our projectís message.

What is your criteria for investments into other DeFi 3.0 Projects?
This will vary on a case-by-case basis, but typically we wonít touch a project until it has around 10K token holders, $2mil+ in liquidity, and a market cap over $10mil.

If youíre wondering why Iím investing in ďcompetitorsĒ, that is the point of this project. A balance of yield farming as well as other projects that are also yield farming at the same time. That way we build upon the success of the ecosystem, not just betting on a subset of it.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @aggregatedfinance

Twitter Cashtag: $AGFI


Contract adress: 0x0be4447860ddf283884bbaa3702749706750b09e