The Essence of Blockchain

What is SPYRIT? The Essence of Blockchain.

A deflationary token built on the Polygon (Matic) network with a reoccurring tax back protocol that rewards all of its holders and recycles the Spyrit Coin ecosystem to continuously provide liquidity.

A “everown” community-driven DeFi project, which is a better way to prove that, SPYRIT will live on.

NFT Collection with Game development. NFT marketplace to Mint, Buy and Sell. DEX with multi-chain capabilities, and a multi-network bridge.

NFT Collection

Doxxed Developers and DessertFinance Audit

Tokenomics -
Supply: 5,000,000,000
Automatic Liquidity: 1%
Transaction Tax: 16%
Dividends: 15%

Private ICO, Presale, and Public Launch.

We proudly support Mental Health Awareness.

Website: SPYRIT - The Essence of Blockchain