‼️We have been following the TRAXIR project since its closed token sale. Then its price was $0.0006. ‼
Now price $0.0034 ‼️ ️

👁 We will not go into detail about TRACK and give away all the crisps. The project really deserves attention and is recommended to be carried out at a distance 📈.

You can find all the information in their official Telegram channel. Subscribe, soon there will be information about the public sale of tokens and you can buy them as well 👀.

You did not buy a BTC for $1? But you can buy #TRACK tokens for $ 0.0017

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TraxirO
Medium: Traxir – Medium
Web: Traxir | Blockchain solutions
Traxir | Blockchain solutions to avoid counterfeits - YouTube