Cosmic - A play-to-earn fantasy open-world RPG blockchain game and NFT ecosystem

Cosmic is a play-to-earn fantasy crypto gaming ecosystem on the Harmony blockchain, and has seen around $500K in added liquidity since its yield farms launched on the LootSwap decentralized exchange here: LootSwap.

The project is developing a play-to-earn blockchain game that will be an open-world RPG based on NFTs and have similar mechanics to Axie Infinity while taking inspiration also from Gods Unchained, Nine Chronicles, and others.

The link below has more info on the yield farms and tokenomics if you're interested in understanding the project more along with the governance and yield tokens (MAGIC & COSMIC).

There is an incredibly strong and dedicated community, and Cosmic is now poised to become one of the largest projects on the Harmony network if things keep going the way they're going.

You can read all about Cosmic and its tokens COSMIC and MAGIC, as well as info on the yield farms and other helpful info, here:
Cosmic Guild Is Officially a Guild on LootSwap With Yield Farming Quests | by Cosmic Guild | Aug, 2021 | Medium