Decentralized communications and security solutions
PadLock, a revolution in the communications field. A DApps platform for communications and security in constant development that will allow its users to send instant messages, make voice and video calls, transfer multimedia files and send emails, accessible to everyone at no cost.

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What Is PadLock?
Development of unique decentralized blockchain-based communications and security DApps solutions. PadLock will allow its users to communicate, send files and talk without corporate servers between them, thus adding and bringing value by impacting the lives of people and companies. No more information leaks, no more viruses, no more phone nor email requirements to sign up, being the best part that all information will be managed and stored in the blockchain.

Secure application to send text and multimedia messages between two or more users (P2P) and decentralized email services.

Voice and video calls for private and group conversations.

File transfer without weight limit, stored in the blockchain.

Decentralized security and communications solutions
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