The DAT revolution:
Automated Bitcoin earnings without hardware or LP staking!
Were passionate about keeping investors safe through ongoing education.
DAT is an auto-farm reflect token, which means you get all the benefits of a traditional yield farm, without the need for staking any LP. Simply hold DAT in your wallet and earn Bitcoin passively and safely.
No Expensive ASIC hardware. Net-Zero Carbon Emissions. Yes, this is magic!
Lightning Fast, Cheap transactions powered by the Binance Smart Chain.
The majority of fees and taxes on DAT are distributed to holders daily.
You also earn more DAT, in addition to your Bitcoin. DAT earnings are automatically compounded and added to your wallet, further increasing your Bitcoin earnings.
Read the White Paper: Letter from a Founder - Don'''t Ape This

Our Mission
We believe in creating a safe investing environment, which is innovative and carbon neutral. DEFI has the potential to change the global financial industry, and its our goal to contribute to that future.

Education through gamification! We use regular posts to educate users, followed by live interactive games where users are tested on their knowledge with airdrop rewards.

Website: Zero Carbon Emission Bitcoin Mining - Dont Ape This