MesChain is Live on Binance Smart Chain!

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CoinTiger on the ETH Network and MES Token operating on the Foblgate Korean stock exchange started its big events filled with new news and listings.

You can follow MesChain on the Binance Smart Chain network and do not miss the opportunity by buying MES Token cheaply from Cointiger and foblgate exchanges before the events accelerate.

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On May 15, MesChain project realized the award event. It is walking solidly with the two-month award event and news chain. If you want to earn MES Tokens, you can register using the MesChain Telegram bot and increase your MES Token earnings by inviting your friends with the referral link.


Be prepared for unabated news, whose impact will gradually increase.
This is a start, second news of the MesChain project was announced on May 15th.

218 million MES tokens that we bought back from Cointiger Exchange and Foblgate Exchange will be burned.
Incineration date: 20.05.2021
We continue to work to reduce the number of MesChain MES Tokens.