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ICON WORLD TOKENS is a BEP-20 standard token deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that helps the members create Non-Fungible assets whose price is backed by real-world assets.

It a platform to confer honorary and reputable merit to the world-renowned icons for their achievements. The fans or supporters can indulge in this decentralized community governance platform to vote to support their favorite icons and crown them with awards represented by the various Icon Tokens.

IWT also strives hard to bring innovative ideas and projects into the global market by helping them raise funds through crowdfunding. Icon World Token aims to develop tech projects by bringing in investments from various angel investors and VCs. IWT also does the noble act of charity through the funds raised from the project.

IWT helps in the development of various developing and underdeveloped countries by giving individuals grants and donations from the funds raised from the sale of IWT tokens. The platform also allows the IWT or its NFT token holders to stake them for better returns than what traditional bodies like banks offer.

Undoubtedly, IWT will skyrocket in the days to come, being the pioneering project in BSC that focuses on honoring the icons. Icon World Token wants to spearhead new innovative solutions towards impactful social projects and efficiently scaling them up to fundamentally change millions of lives.

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