Revolutionizing Penny & NFTs auctions on the binance smart chain!
SafePkmn aims to combine penny auction function's from websites such as quibids, NFT auctions (non-fungible tokens) encapsulating digital privately unique content, and the integration of the binance smart chain (SafePokeman).

Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

After every transaction on the blockchain, 10% of the transaction will be distributed into 4 areas. Note: Reward pool is only used once the auction website goes live. Therefore they are looked for a while until intergration.

The future
SafePkmn will incorporate the first penny auction website built with the SafePokeman Token on the binance smart chain.

Our vision is to allow users to win SafePokeman by placing bids on the auction website. You will be able to use your rewarded tokens in the future to bid, win cash prizes and digital NFT artwork. These combined will allow users who hold SafePokeman to purchase quality NFTís and SafePokeman blockchian tokens.

Essentially you will be rewarded for holding your SafePokeman tokens, the more you hold and the longer you hold, the more tokens you earn, This means you will have more chances of winning extra cash or NFTs.

Key Points
3% is rewarded to holders

3% is burned foreber

2% is sent to developers

2% is sent to the reward pool

Future: Bid on NFTís and extra SafePokeman!
Here are the sort of discounts and reasons why we are pushing the boundries of cryptocurrency rewards. You place 10 bids costing $5, You win $500 worth of SafePokeman! OR you could simply pay $5 for a NFT costing $500 thats a 90% discount!

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