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Chainbinders is a first-of-its-kind deflationary set of NFTs backed by real value in $ETH. Its part game theory, part NFT collecting, part gacha, and part anime. Art-wise, its got elements of things ranging from Final Fantasy to Nier:Automata. Weve created original IP and characters, giving them each their own backgrounds, lore, stories, motivations, and then gamifying them on the marketplace with some clever token mechanics to make sure these NFTs have instant liquidity and actual value. In total, there are over 100 original and limited edition NFTs in the collection ranging from characters, weapons, and artifacts from the Chainbinders universe. To make all of this happen, it took a production team of over 50 people, consisting of over 30 artists, 4 developers, 3 independent auditors, 3 music producers, 5 animators, 3 translators, 5 artist scouts, and a writer.
Note: Gacha = A machine which dispenses a random NFT collectible (similar to opening loot boxes)

How it works - a point form summary

BND is a tradeable ERC20 token that can be acquired from the public LGE sale w/ mild bonding curve starting at 0.0025 ETH per BND caps at 0.0075 ETH per BND.

BND is used to play a special Gacha machine in order to obtain Chainbinders NFTs. BND spent to play the Gacha machine will be burned forever, making BND a hyper-deflationary token. 100% of BND minted will be done through the public LGE. No presale, seed round, or team tokens.

75% of the ETH raised is stored in a reserve pool which backs the value of every NFT

The rarer the NFT, the higher its ETH redemption value. It is possible that a user mints a nominal amount of BND, rolls on the Gacha, and wins 100x or more of his buy-in in redeemable value.

NFTs have on-demand liquidity and can be burned to instantly redeem ETH from the pool

Game theory: As others burn their NFTs, the value of your own increases - meaning your NFTs appreciate in real value over time. In other words, the longer you hold (the later you burn), the more valuable your NFT becomes. This is mathematically proven & programmed into the reserve pool contract which has been audited.

It can also be rewarding to hold $BND long term, as it can be considered like unopened 1st edition Pokemon packs. The value of BND should be the average redeemable value of NFT + a premium.

The Website also explains everything in easy to understand diagrams, so please check it out:

Detailed Blog Post with maths, etc

NFT production quality setting a new standard in the industry

15 original characters each paired with a story, and EN/JP voice actors
Over 100 original artworks, made by tier 1 Japanese and Global Artists many whom have worked for popular anime and games
Over 15 original videos and trailers
Over 15 original soundtracks composed by professionals whom have worked for popular movies games

During the period of LGE (From now till May 1st) we are releasing new content everyday:

Character Trailer 1:
Main Theme:
Mona Theme:
Leto Theme:

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