High yields BSC farm brought by the Snakes.
Earn SNKE through yield, then stake it in Pools to earn more tokens!
Security first on Snake Defi

‼️SNAKEDEFI launch ‼️

Spread the word, guys. 😉

New farm launched from experienced team fork of certik audited GOOSE clone

✅ Great APR
✅ Partnership program with other farms in progress
✅ More functionality in planning like BUSHs to earn BNB or BUSD from Snake,...

More news to come, stay tuned!

🔒Token Name: SNAKE ($SNKE) 🔒
🔗Website: High yields BSC farm brought by the Snakes - Snake Defi
Snakedefi Swap: Snake Defi
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✅Telegram Announcements: Telegram: Contact @snakedefiannouncements
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/snakedefi1
✅Mastercontract: 0xf882413338a88F3d41f0df4c31d8CA5d33e3e3d1

Partnership Program : RailOracle as first coin more to follow