Our Staking App is now Live!
We just launched our Staking platform, where every HODLER can stake their $SENSIBLE for up to 6% interest per day! There are 6 different packages and itís pretty amazing! Weíve created the perfect use case for this coin!

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We are Sensible Finance
$SENSIBLE is a stealth launched DeFi coin. Each transaction has a 10% tax, out of which 5% is distributed to holders and 5% is put into liquidity. Sensible currently has itís own staking farms, which have a smart contract published for smart staking. This makes $SENSIBLE as a coin with a perfect use case.
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Binance Smart Chain
Since Sensible is running on the Binance Smart Chain. There are little to no gas fees which makes swapping tokens much easier.

Stealth Launched
The developers of Sensible do not have any of the tokens and have burnt half the supply. This makes rug pulls close to impossible.

Low MarketCap
Sensible has an extremely low market cap and price which means it has lots of room for growth.

High Potential
Sensible Finance is brand new and since its stealth launched there will be a gradual increase in investors.

75% of the supply burnt
75% of the Sensible Finance supply has been burnt and will be unrecoverable forever. This means that the coin is very scarce.

If you hold Sensible Finance coins you receive more of them as people buy or sell the coin.

What Is Smart Staking
Normal staking/farming profits from the transaction fees users have to pay when you buy a token or crypto. What smart staking does is it uses your $SENSIBLE tokens to put into multiple yield farms and investments, the dev is planning to put 75% of funds into 10 yield farms (some stable coin some more risky) which will produce an average of 2% daily yield, and 25% into 5 audited BSC platforms which will make 2-3% a day or up to 5%. Once 24 hours has passed, the yield gets collected, converted to BNB then to Sensible and sent directly to the holderís wallet.

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