What is 88 Lotto?
- A Token based on the Binance Smart Chain. It gives investors the opportunity to win amazing prizes for simply holding the coin
- Itís essentially a lottery system where you only need 1 ticket (8000 tokens) to participate in every lottery draw!

In order to be eligible, you need to hold at least 8,000 tokens and your odds will increase as your tokens increase (for example if you hold 16,000 tokens you have 2x the chance). As long as you continue holding the required number of tokens, you will always be eligible to participate in future jackpots. Itís like buying 1 lottery ticket and being eligible to win every consecutive lottery after.

When Will The Jackpot Be Seen
The trigger for the jackpot will be transactional, once the total transaction hits 88 transactions, the jackpot will be sent to a lucky wallet address. After that, the whole process restarts and the next jackpot will be sent after another 88 transactions. This system is fully automated and fair as no human intervention is needed to pick the winner and send out the tokens to the winner. The majority of the lottery tokens on BSC network do not have automation in their system, they cannot guarantee a fair system.

What are the two lottery systems?
-The 88 Jackpot: This jackpot pool collects a 5% fee for all the transactions, and the prize will be automatically deposited to the winnerís wallet address
- Monthly giveaway: Monthly giveaway will consist of giving away physical items to the winners. The prizes will be announced on the first day of the month, and the winner will be drawn every 8th day of the month. The winner can choose to cash out the price as bnb or receive the item. The drawing will be done through a live stream. The first monthly lottery will be taking place on May 8th, $10k worth of prizes will be given to one winner

Charity Commitment
- The winner of the monthly lottery will have the chance to select a charity from a list of 88 reputable charities that support different causes.

8% fee allocations
-5% -> the 88 jackpot
-2% -> monthly giveaway
-1% -> charity

- Softcap of 88, hardcap of 288
- Presales starts at sat 6pm in MDT (Calgary time), people can go on 88Lotto to check the countdown and click on the link to attend the presale
- 8 Lucky winner will be drawn from the ones who participated the presale, each winner will win $500 dollar worth 88Lotto token
- After reaching the hard cap, 88 community will have a poll on which charity to donate to right after finalizing the presale
Presale started here: DxSale - Token Management Made Simple

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @eighteightlotto
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/88lotto/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MajwBVs6