CGA COIN | Cryptocurrency
Crypto Gaming Alliance (Here and after known as ‘CGA’) Who has introduced the Hash, Encrypted Algorithm in various game is starting CGA Coin PRE-SALE on the 25th of this month.

CGA has Hard Fork the DAG Algorithm Nano which has completed its safety and technology verification in the market and developed CGA Coin, and they have applied the advantage of feeless and its instant transaction speed into the game platform and store payment.

CGA holds a main feature of a mining (Provided as ‘Rewards’) system where anyone can naturally achieve Coin while enjoying free games. They also hold a Coin Holding Program where not only just gamer but profits from the game platform is shared which allows certain profit of all games be
distributed to all Coin Holders.

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The game developers or a company may launch a game on CGA without any special restrictions and create profit, and sellers who can send out international packages, They may freely start-up a store. CGA is an already completed platform presenting eco-system between gamer, developer, seller, coin holder along with the PRE-SALE

Michael Choi, the chief executive of CGA has expressed his anticipation towards CGA saying “CGA’s eco-system is not just simply using the game but to expand the business modeling such as Reward Store Payment, Utility Coin ETC. by step and its goal is to ultimately realize the encrypted currency as a positive economic mean.”

* CGA’s Game Platform Can be Checked at CGA GAEMS Official Website
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* CGA Coin free sales begin March, 25th. Detail matters can be check from the official homepage CGA COIN | Cryptocurrency