CatJAM is a community driven DeFi Token with the sole purpose of rescuing and providing a safe haven for cats all over the world. Using the power of crypto to make a change. One pussy at a time.

It's a deflationary cryptocurrency. Every time a transaction takes place, 2% of that transaction is distributed to all the holders and sent to the “black hole” wallet, essentially removing some of it from the total supply. Another 2% of the transaction is sent and locked into the liquidity pool where people can buy it back. This increases the scarcity of every CatJAM token in circulation. What this means is that every time CatJAM is used, the value of the remaining CatJAM tokens in circulation is increased by simultaneously decreasing the supply, while also distributing CatJAM to everyone using the token and maintaining a healthy supply of liquidity of the currency.

CatJAM is a charity coin. The only wallet the developers will own from launch is the Charity Wallet. The funds in this wallet will be used for our upcoming charity projects, marketing and expenses. Every time we donate to a cause, you will receive tokens in your wallet as a reward for being part of the community. The CatJAM army (You) will decide the course of our altruistic campaigns by voting in the polls. Your vote will be minted into the blockchain and registered in the CatJAM contract. Our mission is to help cats and provide them a free and fulfilling life. By holding or trading CatJAM tokens, you are part of this mission and will change the world of cats, whether you’re aware of it or not…

The CatJAM developers will renounce ownership of the contract after launch on Pancakeswap. Then, in an unprecedented move, our smart contract will distribute 100 000 000 000 CatJAM tokens from the Charity Wallet between every single token holder at that particular time. We call this high-energy-level event… THE GREAT GIVEAWAYKENING.

Website: CatJAM token | The cats are coming - CatJAM
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @catjamtoken

Discord: CatJAM
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