#ZipToken is a service that uses #blockchain technology to host user shared files ANONYMOUSLY. This is possible thanks to our groundbreaking blockchain implementation that you can rely on more than any other file sharing website you ever encountered before. ZipToken encrypts ALL files you create with military grade encryption within a matter of microseconds! The encryption is working in coordination with the blockchain technology which ensures no third party involvement and complete anonymity. ZipToken accepts ZipTokens (ZIPIT) as a payment fee to the network and to provide the hosting services that we offer.

How does ZipToken work?

1. Create a MetaMask wallet.
MetaMask wallet is a safe and easy wallet that can operate on the #Binance Smart Chain which is the network where our service operates.

2. Add the custom ZIPIT token.
Add the custom ZIPPIT token with the contract address 0x35e55dbfde9f8d66e86e3e92c861698432d77ead.

3. Go to Upload

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Purchase ZIPIT on PancakeSwap: Pancake Swap