Car Coin (CCM) initial exchange offering is coming to ExMarkets starting on April 19, 2021.

Car Coin(CCM) is an ERC20 token used across an automotive advertising network. Currently operating on it’s beta platform, Car Coin Market; Car Coin(CCM) is held by automotive dealers in order to access free listings and advertising of their inventory. The platform in turn connects consumers with live inventory that displays and gives them the ability to purchase a vehicle with cryptocurrencies including CCM, BTC and ETH.

Users earn rewards by purchasing their vehicle through the network. Additionally, holders can stake CCM to earn more tokens to use on their vehicle purchase.

“Our beta platform, Car Coin Market, makes use of our patent pending listing conversion,” says Co-Founder Chad Bauer. “Car Coin Market is an actively working automotive crypto classified marketplace. We have active dealer subscribers across the United States with more partnerships in the pipeline. Car Coin isn’t limited to just Car Coin Market. Ultimately, thousands of channels will be added to the network with the upcoming completion and release of the Car Coin plugin as well as international based platforms for world inclusion. This will provide consumers with more privacy while shopping in addition to providing auto dealers a fixed solution to control the skyrocketing costs of advertising in a $980 billion(US) a year industry.”

The Initial Exchange Offering of CCM on ExMarkets starts with Round 1 on April 19, 2021. A bonus of 20% is being offered during this round. This is the first public token sale of CCM.

For more details, visit: Car Coin – CCM – The future of Automotive DeFi

About Car Coin Market

Car Coin Market is operated by KMCB Enterprises LLC, are a Digital Advertising and Fintech company bringing revolutionary technology and concepts to the automotive industry.

Car Coin Market, the native platform for CCM, is a live and working marketplace in the US that launched in December 2020.

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