The Future of Money

We are an experimental Cryptocurrency backed by the BEP-20 Blockchain. Our aim is to make the transfer and distribution

of Global Monetary Funds more accessible, anonymous, and secure.

The traditional means of monetary fund transference through a standard blockchain structure is slow, expensive and can be tracked by third-party agencies and governmental organizations, which means you lose time, money and privacy.
The Titan Protocol can alleviate those issues through our specialized SHA-3 Encrypted open-sourced development blockchain platform

The Titan Protocol Token
We created this token as a way to crowdfund the necessary funds required to develop the Titan Protocol Blockchain and create a global audience to back the platform on!

Our Tokenomics offer the investor generous compensation for their support and capital investment.
2% taxation fee is added directly to the liquidity pool and is locked forever when the investor buys and sells
5% of each purchase and exchange is automatically sent to the shareholder's holding wallet
Supply deflates every single transaction, bringing scarcity and further growth of the Titan Protocol Token
50% of the total supply is burnt after the Pre-sale

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