Horizon Defi - the number one ido launchpad and passive income, staking and more, insane team behind this project

Defi Horizon First AMA - YouTube

Horizon- A New IDO platform in the making, created to revolutionise Initial Dex Offerings.

Our plan is to have the UI up and running out of beta by the 20th of April

Earn a passive income with 5% of all transfer fees split between all holders

Horizon is a DeFi platform centred around creating the industry's defacto launchpad. As well as integrating an exchange, liquidity locker & token creation, our mission is to create an intuitive & beautiful UI that can be accessed by anyone regardless of experience in the space. This IDO platform will be cross-chain, and will be able to access Ethereum layer-2, Matic, Solana, and Binance Smartchain.

Horizon's co-founders are Diogenes Casares & Ethan Marcus, who both reside in Silicon Valley and are growing leaders in the industry. Diogenes' father - Wences Casares - is also the co-founder of Xapo (est. in 2013), the first digital bank for cryptocurrency. Ethan's father - David Marcus - is the co-creator of Diem, a cryptocurrency initiated by Facebook. He is also the former President of PayPal, and Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, where he led the Facebook Messenger unit for four years. The rest of the team also have extensive industry experience and are unnamed for now.

The native token for the Horizon platform is Risk Horizon (soon to be rebranded to just "Horizon"). The token contract has been audited by BSCChecker and liquidity has been locked for half a decade on Dxsale.

Link to Telegram : @riskhorizon

Meet the CEOs (the ones who have doxxed identity):

Diogenes Casares: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diogenes.../?locale=en_US

Ethan Marcus:

Where to buy $Horizon: Pancake Swap

Chart: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xFF13b4a...9f91A6f34Bf899

Liquidity locked via Dxsale for 5 years:

Website/App (Still in beta stages):
Telegram: https://t.me/defihorizon