Tokenomics (Token Distribution).

VTG finance token has a limited amount of token supply.
Total Supply - 5,500 VTG
Circulating supply - 4,000 VTG

Token distribution :
• 30%Uniswap Pool
• 35%Staking reward
• 20%Eco System
• 12%Team & Dev
• 03%Marketing

Eco System Token Fund Usage
• 40%Platform development
• 25%Cex Listing
• 20%Operational costs
• 10%Legal expenses
• 05%Strategy development

The price VTG token can not be manipulated by the team. This is because the community holds a bigger part of the total supply of the token.
Therefore the rise of the token price is definitely assured.
The limited supply of the token will make it scarce as the demand increases..

VTG - Buy, Save & Invest !!👍

✅ Vertigo Finance Pesale Is Live!!

🔹Presale Details:
▪️Price: 6 VTG = 1 ETH
▪️Hard/ SoftCap: 200 ETH / 450 ETH
▪️Min/Max: 0.1 ETH / 10 ETH

🔹Send your ETH to the following address 0x9Ba3199DBD4455bd2cDE54D1f7F57EB70691c750
🔹 Contract Address: Vertigo Finance (VTG) Token Tracker | Etherscan

After making payments,
♦️Verify that your payment status was successful.
♦️Refresh your wallets for your VTG tokens to reflect.

🔹Every wallet holding a minimum of 5 VTG TOKEN will get a bonus after the PRESALE STAGE.
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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @vertigofinanc
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