The Farm Academy DeFi application basically consists of two parts: analytical and social.

1) The analytical section of the platform offers the opportunity to:

a) receive up-to-date information on the most profitable transactions in the decentralized finance market, offering an opportunity to learn about earning opportunities on the most popular AMM platforms. The application allows you to receive information from the most important platforms – Uniswap, Aave, Curve Finance, Maker, Compound, Balancer. As new reliable platforms become available, they will be added to the application;

b) receive up-to-date information about existing reliable liquidity pools on the most popular AMM platforms;

c) independently add liquidity pools that the user wants to permanently monitor.

2) The social section of the platform offers the opportunity to:

a) Use the «Blind copy trading» principle to increase the profitability of your investments. The user can either independently add an account of successful traders whose operations he wants to copy, or select the most successful accounts from the AI statistics system proposed.

b) Use the “Smart copy trading” principle, concluding a smart contract with a successful trader, on joint participation under the guidance of this trader in liquidity pools or in the implementation of crypto asset management by this trader for a fee. To ensure the interaction of the parties within the framework of such smart contracts, there are FAD tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem. Read more about tokenomics in the corresponding section.

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