RICH is a digital utility token designed to be used within an upcoming, private and secure luxury lifestyle direct to consumer platform at URG Networks - URG Networks, Ultra Rich Group, E-portal for luxury lifestyle

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RICH token is available to BUY here:
1- Ultra Rich Group (RICH) Token info | Saturn Network
2- TokenJar.IO

RICH token highlights:
1- Store token that allows our Members to enjoy discounts
2- Gives access to upcoming online platform with top luxury brands
3- Democratizes access to wide range of luxury lifestyle products
4- Global e-commerce platform acts as hub for both brands and buyers
5- Future of acquiring, collecting, trading authentic luxury products securely and efficiently

RICH token as part of ecosystem has plans for creating a fully functional portal for enabling the users to access vast range of luxury lifestyle products on suitable devices including desktop and mobile. Platform offers club memberships, wide variety of fashion merchandise and luxury activities.

Luxury goods and services involve high dollar value transactions. Features like user safety, data security, privacy, currency translations have impact on customer decisions.

Emerging block chain technologies may be applied to certain use cases for achieving customer satisfaction.

Side chains for suppliers are to be established to initiate, develop and deploy smart contracts for suppliers to reach, understand, react to customer tastes in a seamless arrangement.

Further research into these areas is needed to design & deliver superior buying experience.

RICH token and the platform aims to safeguard user privacy. Data is owned by the users.

RICH token holder can sign up to be URG club member and gain access to a potential selection of
- over 30,000 luxury fashion products (Men+Women) at member discount
- ability to charter a private jet to anywhere in the world
- over 600 hand picked tours to experience on private yachts, helicopters, exotic cars
- and much come...