To celebrate CSDEXís official launch, CSDEX is offering airdrops. Itís a good chance to earn CSDEX Asset Token free by just a few simple steps. You would need Chrome browser with Metamask enabled to participate.

1. Visit CSDEX Trade Room 1.3.1 with Chrome browser

2. Connect with Metamask

3. Deposit any amount of Ether or listed token

Thatís it. Free CSDEX Asset Tokens (CAT) drops to your wallet* every week from December 2019 until the end of January 2020. And for the first 10,000, the airdrops Token is doubled. Act now! You donít need to retain the Ether or token in the exchange in order to receive airdrops. You could withdrawal your deposit anytime. Itís risk free!

CSDEX is a Full Decentralized Exchange based on Ethereum that supports all ERC20 compliant tokens trading. For more information, please visit CSDEX - The Community Stakes Decentralized Exchange.

*No contract address is accepted