We invented a device that is capable of producing electricity with more than 200% efficiency that is currently under patent application. This machine does not require GAS, DIESEL, COAL or any fossil fuel to function. It runs by creating energy from strategically-positioned, large and multiple opposing magnets which elicit the motorís dynamic rotation and thus, generates a stable amount of electricity without consuming fossil fuels. We use so much electricity in our daily lives; and Bitstockpower is poised to deliver this technology to challenge our excessive reliance on fossil fuels that harm our planet.

Considering that the global demand for electricity has been a seriously growing concern over the years, this invention can positively affect the entire planet. In fact, the United States EIA (Energy Information Administration) projects the world energy consumption to increase by 56% in 2040.

This invention does not only lower our monthly power bill, but also addresses the ever-growing demand for electricity while reducing carbon emissions.

This world-changing technology offers the best solution to the current uneconomical hike in energy costs while providing a profitable compensation program to investors who are willing to be part of this future multi-billion-dollar company.

We see a world that does not depend on fossil fuel - a world where every citizen does not have to worry about his energy usage because he is assured that he is using green energy. We also hope for a bright future to those who will join us on this journey. Let us make this vision a reality.

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