To celebrate the listing of SynchroBit (SNB) on Atomars Exchange, we have worked together with the project to launch the SynchroBit Reward Bot! Through this promotion, users can earn free SNB tokens by following a few simple steps. The Bot operates through Telegram and walks users through the whole process.

To be eligible to take part and earn the reward, users must ensure they meet the following requirements:

||| Be signed up for Atomars

||| Have a verified email address linked to the account

||| Have 2FA activated on the account

Those who meet these requirements and complete all the steps will receive the reward of 25 SNB tokens ($5) into their Atomars account.

In addition, users can also earn extra SNB for referring users to the Bot. The top 25 referrers can earn an additional reward of up to 1250 SNB ($250) depending on the number of referrals they bring in who complete all steps of the Bot. Follow the link below to get started:


The distribution date for the rewards will be announced by the official Admin in the Atomars TG Community once the competition ends.

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About SynchroBit

SynchroBitô is the first hybrid multipurpose digital assets trading platform for trading all kinds of cryptocurrencies, energy, precious metals, commodities, etc.with both fiat and major cryptocurrencies with innovative solutions for both rookies and professional traders, including binary trading, options, margin trading, futures, and many more!

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