CSDEX Asset Token is an innovative and emerging asset token that equally shares all the
earnings from The Community Decentralized Exchange, or CSDEX.

CSDEX is a full-featured Decentralized Exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain. All
order book entries, order processing, order matching and settlement are done in
smart contract, which is the proven technology that is extremely safe, transparent and

CSDEX is based on the idea that it provides all people, regardless to their geographic
location, a real equal opportunity to share the earnings from the trendy crypto
exchange business in a very simple way.

CSDEX project vision is:
1. Fairness is possible could be archived by technology;
2. Earnings from community returns to community; and
3. Community shares equal opportunity.

How it works?
CSDEX stores all commission earnings into smart contract that pegged with its token,
CSDEX Asset Token or CAT, a ERC20 compliant token. The token is an asset token that
shares the accumulated earnings of CSDEX. All information is transparent to the public.
Token holders could make the redemption at anytime and anywhere via smart
contracts, a very honest and safe keeper that will never cheat.

Upon redemption, the redeemed tokens are cancelled, or burned instantly. The total
supply is reduced by the amount of token redemption. All future earnings continually
sharable by the remaining tokens. Simple, easy and fair!

Token Sale
CSDEX is about to go lives in November 2019. As a strategic promotion, CSDEX has just
started its pre-launch token sale on CSDEX Asset Token (CAT) at a discounted price. The
Token Sale is NOT an ICO or IEO. Youíll get CSDEX Asset Tokens in your wallet instantly.
Interested parties may purchase the token via https://buycats.csdex.site/ Purchase is
done instantly and automatically via smart contract. Sales accepts only Ether. Related
questions could be sent to tokensale@csdex.site

Other questions
If you are token issuers or ICO/IEO owner, you are welcome to discuss about listing
your token at our exchange, which will be official operational in November 2019.
Any contributions, comments, suggestions, enquiries, feedback or offer for helps from
community is highly appreciated. Feel free to leave us your message on the social
media to allow CSDEX to better serves to the community. You could also send us your
email message at info@csdex.site

Website : CSDEX - The Community Stakes Decentralized Exchange
Buy the token instantly at : https://buycats.csdex.site/
Facebook : CSDEX - Home | Facebook
Twitter: CSDEX (@CSDEXsite) on Twitter
Telegram : https://t.me/csdexsite