Lunar is a blockchain based solution for sharing renewable energy. The software is running on a microgrid meaning there are no energy providers nor network operators. The energy which is being produced is only produced renewably. Each KwH is represented by one $LNR coin. With one $LNR you have the right to use 1 KwH of energy. You can either trade them via exchanges or via private transactions. Lunar encourages private persons to use solar panels themselves and become a self supplying energy producer. Homes turn into smart homes and all household devices exchange information between each other.

What are the advantages of producers?

First, they finally get a fair price for their produced energy. Right now the reward for producing energy is ridiculously low. We want to change that. You can be sure that you will be rewarded with a decent amount of $LNR for producing energy.

Secondly, Lunar enables local production of energy through the microgrid. You know where your energy is coming from and you can support local energy production.

What are the advantages for consumers?

Lunar issues CO2 certificats when the energy is produced 100% renewably. As a consumer you can decide whether you exclusively use renewable energy or not. With the certificat which is issued with every coin you can ensure the 100% renewably produced energy.

Also consumers don’t have to pay insane amounts of network operating fees for energy consumption because there is no such central authority. There is no reason for paying fees which are getting higher every year. We have the technology to share energy without a central institution.

What is Lunar Rail?

Currently, there are many blockchain start ups developing blockchain solutions. The problem with a usual blockchain is that it is getting slower with every new network participant. We are solving this problem with our self-developed network-architecture called the “Lunar Rail” which is getting faster with every new participant. The Rail also is AI-driven which analyzes the current transaction-volume and adjusts the network to its best perfomance.

When is the ICO?

The ICO will probably be in September, 2020. We kindly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter on our website ( Renewable Energy, Electrifying Our Tomorrow: Lunar ) to get the latest news about our developments and our ICO.

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