Cleaner Blast Systems LLC “CleanerBlast” closes friends and family round on ILOCX
Initial License Offering
London, Apr 30, 2019 ( - Edward Fitzpatrick CEO of ILOCX said “All sectors of industry are going through a huge shift and in turn creating amazing opportunities for ILO’s, CleanerBlast is leading that charge in the industrial surface cleaning space and is a great opportunity for sustainable growth in an underserved market”
The full Initial License Offering (ILO) for CleanerBlast is live on the ILO exchange at ILO Exchange 20,000 units at $120.00 per unit will yield great value to license holders promoting this much-needed revolution in a niche sector. License holders are required to promote the efficiencies and regulatory compliance that the CleanerBlast tech offers, resulting in a collaboration between company and buyer that benefits both parties.
Assuming the first-year numbers are achieved, license holders can expect almost $30.00 as a royalty which should see the value of the ILO at least double. In year two it gets even better with an expected royalty per ILO of almost $45.00 making the value of the license increase again to over 3 times its original price. See details of the ILO issue here for all the numbers and qualities to this opportunity; ILO Exchange
Todd Olson President of CleanerBlast said “The benefits our system offers are vast and vital, low pressure means no damage to the target surface, no dust means no health risk to the workforce, our multiple patent-pending systems will dominate this sector in the coming years ” he also added “ Our partnership with ILOCX has been incredible and valuable we have already forged strategical alliances and sold multiple licenses as a direct result of our listing, this brings in much-needed capital to grow our business as well as an army of supporters pushing our story to new markets and new customers ”
Edward Fitzpatrick added “This is a perfect case of a company that needs capital to build systems where demand far outstrips the supply, once CleanerBlast closes on all license sales they will have the needed capital to bring in returns which the license holders can directly influence and then participate in”

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