Top Reasons To Buy EGW Capital (EGWCAP) Tokens EGWCAP tokens got listed on EtherFlyer on February 22, 2019.
EGWCAP is currently conducting an airdrop of 250,000 tokens via EtherFlyer platform which
ends on March 8, 2019. The airdrop is open for everyone.
The token is currently trading at the US $5.43 (Source: CoinGecko) at the time of writing of this
article. The token gained momentum on the day of listing and rose 107%. So what makes this
offering so special?
Here are the top six reasons that why you should buy EGWCAP tokens:

1. EGW Capital is a leading blockchain investment bank helping companies to conduct
blockchain offerings and exchange listings. Witnessing, the emergence of blockchain
offerings it sounds very promising that the company may grow many folds in the coming
few months. The company is catering to the markets of the US and India. Talking about
India, itís a vast market of 1.3 billion people who are either potential issuers or the
investors. India is on verge of legalizing blockchain which as of now is neither illegal or
illegal as per the government, however, the bank cannot open accounts of companies
dealing in the blockchain products. This rule is expected to go in the next 6 months.

2. The second best reason is the benefits they are offering to the EGWCAP token holders.
EGW Capital charges a fee in the form of both tokens and cash from its clients.
EGWCAP charges 5% in the shape of tokens (5% of the total circulating supply). Out of
this up to 50% of the tokens will be distributed to the EGWCAP token holders on a
pre-decided record date. There is a high possibility that the company may even distribute
cash earnings.

3. Holding EGWCAP tokens means getting regular airdrop of the listed tokens as
dividends. So, lower the token holder base more dividend per head will be distributed.
This is the time to buy at a lower price and generate excellent Return on Investment

4. The company is currently working on massive projects focusing on online education,
packaged foods, technology, and real estate space. The company is expecting to earn
$125 million in the form of tokens. The potential is massive, buying a $6 token may help
you earn $600 in dividends every year! But it all depends on how much percentage of
the earned tokens will be actually distributed. This sounds great but seems to be logical
from the perspective of an investment bank. Remember, the biggest companies in the
world are the investment banks.

5. EGW Capital is a US registered investment bank and has a strong flow of business from
several partners. As per the company, only 2% of the clients qualify the criteria.

6. Holding EGWCAP tokens may result in the regular flow of passive dividend income. It
may become your fixed deposit for the life which will reap regular returns.

1. The US government is planning to tax airdrops or the dividends from the tokens.

2. The management of EGW Capital has to prove its efficiency. It may sound like a risky
investment initially but if they achieve what they are aiming, it can become the next

EGWCAP tokens sound like a promising investment. Investing the US $50-$100 is worth. Do
not invest more than what you can afford to lose. Investing in tokens/securities are subject to
volatility and high risks.
More info : EGW Capital