DecentraX the Future of Blockchains

DecentraX is a custom built POS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain using custom ASIC chips to build programmable accelerated hardware engines that will allow DCX’s network to exceed 1 million TPS. DCX is building a network that is not only ready for mass-adoption but is scaleable for global servicing. They are working on a dApp platform that will be robust yet easy-to-use. DecentraX is run and founded by ASIC Chip experts with over 100 years of experience in developing and building custom ASIC Chips.

Decentralized Exchange and Wallet
One of the most exciting features of the DCX dApp platform is the custom feature that will allow old Ethereum based contracts to move off the Ethereum network, including the full contract history and all addresses and coins / tokens seamlessly onto the DCX network. This will help projects that have out grown the Ethereum network and their slow 7–10 TPS speeds to realize the potential for Mass-Adoption.

The first project DCX is undertaking is building a custom software for desktop and mobile that will allow for atomic swaps across the DCX network, and storage of multiple cryptocurrencies in one wallet. This means DecentraX will never own your private keys, and you can safely swap coins and tokens across the DCX network without giving up the security of ownership, like you do when you use popular exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase and many others.

There will be a minimum of 350 masternodes at launch. A minimum of 900 masternodes will be available to the public and 350 will be always operational by the DecentraX team. DCX will have standby nodes as a security measure to combat a 51% attack. Masternode Requirements:

23 hours of up-time online
Staking a minimum of 3000 DCX tokens
Correctly validating transactions on the DCX network
Splitting a pool of 45% of all network transaction fees evenly.

Masternode Specifications:
8 MinMaster chips per board
24 boards per masternode
192 MinMaster chips per masternode.
1024 Sha256 engines
8 AES256 engines.

Accelerator Chip:
DecentraX masternode’s are outfitted with MinMaster chips. MinMaster chips are an extremely efficient and programmable crypto currency engine designed from the ground up to address the high-power consumption problem faced by all current mining and future masternode hardware solutions. Boards that are outfitted with the MinMaster chips can be set to mine or to validate transactions on the DCX network. This will allow operators to run a full node or part of a node validating transactions, and mine with the remaining boards. The goal is to give a flexible option for hardware to perform optimal to the market needs for POW or POS networks.

DecentraX Hardware Network Structure
Our approach to high performance Blockchain based transactions is guided by the Blockchain Trilemma which states any Blockchain technology can have at best two of three traits: security, decentralization, and scalability.

Given our goal of achieving 1m TPS, our solution will emphasize security and scalability at the expense of decentralization.

Scalability will be achieved by utilizing a redundant fat tree structure, and leveraging multiple chains organized in an hierarchy manner using a custom high performance compute-storage stack capable of processing over 6 PetaBytes of data per day per rack while consuming under 15Kw.

The custom stack, based on patented technology, has builtin notion of software defined storage, queues and parallel runtime; thus, allowing us to define high performance, parallel fault tolerant primitives specifically for processing Blockchain transactions.

DCX ICO and Token Supply Details
Total Supply: 25 million (Never to increase)

ICO White List Registration Starts on 9/15/2018 — Tokens Available at Decentralized Exchange | Decentralized Apps | File Storage -

Pre-Development: Circulating Supply: 12.5 million
Presale: 1 Million (marketing for ICO, and rolled over into development)
ICO: 11 Million (used for development of the DecentraX project)
Marketing, Pre-Development: 500,000 (website, whitepaper, marketing)
Distributed after Developed: 12.5 million
Staking Rewards: 6 Million
Development: 6 Million
Time Locked: 500,000

Network Fees Distribution

30% of fees to Development
25% back to POS fees
45% to masternode operatorsContact DCX

Website: Decentralized Exchange | Decentralized Apps | File Storage -

Participate in the DecentraX ICO  DCX KYC Signup: ICO Registration - iComplyICO

Twitter: DecentraX (@DecentraXio) on Twitter

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @DecentraXCoin






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ICO Whitelist Sign up Starts  10/1/2018

ICO Starts  10/30/2018

ICO Ends  10/15/2019