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Thread: What makes you highly motivated in the forex market?

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    Default What makes you highly motivated in the forex market?

    Forex is an over the counter market that facilitates currency exchange trades on a virtual platform which is also a global market place. Here traders can engage in trading from anywhere and with smaller investment. So a consistent profit motivates me a lot since I have diverse opportunities to earn good money here. But my broker AAFX's support and guidance help me continually to maintain this profit stream by overcoming all difficulties and mistakes.

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    Motivation is necessary in all sector of work. In forex business trader also required motivation. The biggest motivation for me is 24 hours trading support which I am getting from TopFX24. They are providing multilingual customer support which is very transparent and active. They are very good in trading analysis. In basis they are serving their trader with live market streaming. Which is very helpful and profitable for their traders.

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    Forex is a virtual trading platform that offers me diverse good money earning opportunities. As a student; I believe nothing can give me such a good facility to earn money from home. It's global nature and virtual platform are motivating me to come in this market place as a pro trader. I have opportunities to earn money with any investment; mini or standard as suitable to my financial position. and i can even trade at night after attending all my classes.

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    Forex is the world's most liquid and heavily traded market with over 5 trillion traded daily. It has high risk. Surviving is most important thing in here. It is been three years I am doing Forex trading. My broker AFX Group motivates me highly.
    They are helping me grow and giving me the tools I need to improve my trading skills. They are committed to providing a market leading service based on fair and transparent prices, comprehensive customer support. They also are authorized and regulated by the FCA, FSB, Cysec etc. I also learn how to trade professionally with a diverse range of educational material which they provided me. They are also giving me video tutorials, live webinars, technical analysis and up to date market news.
    STO for FX and CFD trading services
    AFX Group



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