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Thread: Some traders think.

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    Default Some traders think.

    Some traders think that their stop loss markers show up somehow on other traders' charts or are otherwise visible to the overall market, making a given currency fall to a price just outside of the majority of the stops before heading back up. This is a falsehood, and it is dangerous to trade with no stop loss marker in place. I use stop loss to reduce my risk of trades. I choose to trade with Forex4you broker. The best broker in this industry to trade with.

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    Yes you are right some traders think strange things. This type of thought actually comes from not knowing what are they doing. They start trading just by knowing how to open and close a position. They need good personal care. I am trading with FXPM because of their personal care provided by a personal account manager.

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    This is a platform of individual traders. So, all traders have their own individual thinking. Every trader has his unique mind of thinking about this market. Generally we can not make fun of any trading thought. May a trader who doesnt use SL can make more than you. But I always prefer using SL in my trading. And for best execution I use AAFXs mt4 platform. They executes my all pending orders perfectly including live orders too.



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