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Thread: Trade with real money.

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    Default Trade with real money.

    When I am trading with my own money I am getting the both feelings to loose pips and gaining pips. When I am making green pips I am gonna feel the winning flavor and on the other hand when I am loosing pips the feel is totally the opposite. So if someone wants to learn or taste the actual feeling of trading journey trading with own money is the best. For my trading I use AAFX as it provides me forex knowledge and ensures my trading environment.

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    The best broker is a broker which does not restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. So, for me Circle Markets is the best one because they do not restrict with any kinds to trading techniques. They are grown broker with extensive range of services, assets and trading platform. Their trading conditions is favorable for an individual trader. They also have improved software’s with easy access and so much interactive.

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    I think that greatest contrast between trading demo and real account is in emotions, since you recognize what you are risking. But when you trade demo, you don't risk anything, when you commit error it doesn't cost you any cash, my own guidance for all novice is try not to trade demo. IT'S significantly more better to trade with little real money (300 - 5000 $) than trade demo account. I am trading with FXPM broker. It provides low spreads, up to 500:1 leverage, advance educational resources, free forex signals and different promotional offers.

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    I think for beginners who just jumped in forex trading business needs to know the basics about its forex first, and always diligent in learning, and must choose the right broker and berkualiatas. and FXB Trading is the solution for traders, beginner traders can learn and master the workings of trading and can help to achieve success in this forex trading business.



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