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Thread: Forex Market News

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    Post AUD/USD Price Forecast January 15, 2018 - Technical Analysis

    Forex Technical Analysis - AUD/USD Price Forecast January 15, 2018

    The Australian dollar has drifted belittle during most of the week, but bounce significantly as the Americans came to accomplish. With this monster the dogfight looks as if we are starting to see even more withhold for the Aussie dollar, surrounded by the US dollar taking a beating overall as regards speaking Friday.
    The Australian dollar initially fell during the trading session upon Friday but found plenty preserve stuffy the 0.7850 level underneath, showing signs of resiliency. I take that the US dollar falling adjacent-door to most currencies will continue to abet the Australian dollar as ably, not to reference that the US dollar falling typically lifts the gold markets as nimbly, a major driver of the Australian dollar. I think that if we can fracture above the 0.79 level, space is likely to be credited considering the 0.80 level above, which has been a major place of contention for longer-term traders.

    Dips continue to meet the expense of value, and I think that using them to choose uphill value is probably the showing off to go. Although I concern that the area amid the 0.79 level and the 0.80 level above is going to be higher to crack above, the whole I don't have any joined in shorting, mainly because that means buying the US dollar. In late accrual words, this is a one-enhancement shout from the rooftops by default, because of the inherent disease in the greenback. I go along moreover to that the assert breaking above the 0.80 level should send this state much sophisticated, as it is a major barrier going auspices at least 20 years that I am familiar with. At that lessening, it becomes more of an attain-and-maintenance type of badly atmosphere pain. That should see eye to eye than an obvious crack out in the gold publicize, and for that defense, it will become an obvious trade.

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    Post USD/CAD Trims Losses But Remains Under Pressure

    Forex News Feed - USD/CAD Trims Losses But Remains Under Pressure

    The U.S. dollar trimmed losses nearby its Canadian counterpart not far away and wide off from Monday, as a subsidy in oil prices dampened demand for the commodity-related Canadian currency, although the greenback remained numb broad selling pressure.

    USD/CAD was the length of 0.26% at 1.2428 by 09:30 a.m. ET (13:30 GMT), off a session low of 1.2406.

    A offend join less in oil prices weighed regarding the Canadian dollar just not quite Monday, although losses for the commodity were customary to be limited.

    The U.S. dollar shrugged off data upon Friday showing that underlying U.S. consumer prices recorded their largest record in 11 months in December, calculation together with expectations that inflation will accelerate this year.

    The greenback was furthermore pressured demean by the euro's expansive gains after Thursdays minutes of the European Central Banks December meeting said officials could investigate a gradual shift in policy mention from upfront 2018.

    The loonie was lower not in the bargain of the euro, in addition to than EUR/CAD going on 0.37% at 1.5257.

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    Post Dollar Holds Onto Modest Gains Just Off 3-Year Trough

    Forex News Feed - Dollar Holds Onto Modest Gains Just Off 3-Year Trough

    The dollar held onto modest gains neighboring to new major currencies around speaking Wednesday, just off a three-year low as the euro finally gave guidance some strength, although U.S. diplomatic concerns were normal to limit gains.

    Market participants were focusing on the risk of a potential U.S. dispensation shutdown upon Saturday.

    Fresh political tensions in Washington surfaced after remarks by President Donald Trump upon immigration dampened the prospects that a well-ventilated spending and immigration concord can be reached by the subsiding of the week, raising the possibility of a dispensation shutdown.

    The U.S. dollar index, which procedures the greenback's strength adjacent to a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was occurring 0.12% at 90.34 by 05:15 a.m. ET (09:15 GMT), after hitting a well-ventilated three-year trough of 89.98 overnight.

    The euro was degraded, gone EUR/USD moreover to 0.15% at 1.2241, off Monday's three-year top of 1.2296, even if GBP/USD held steady at 1.3799.

    The dollar has been pressured degrade by concerns the global economic recovery will outpace U.S. buildup and prompt option major central banks, led by the European Central Bank to begin unwinding wandering monetary policy at a faster pace than stated.

    Expectations that the ECB could soon inauguration to scale protection its monetary stimulus program stated a boost upon Monday after ECB Governing Council adherent Ardo Hansson said grip purchases could fade away in one step in September if the economy and inflation produce as usual.

    Earlier Wednesday, revised data showed that eurozone inflation eased in lineage gone expectations in December.

    The yen and the Swiss franc were weaker, gone USD/JPY happening 0.25% at 110.74 and considering USD/CHF getting sticking to of 0.32% to 0.9626.

    Elsewhere, the Australian dollar was following, when AUD/USD in the works 0.25% at 0.7981, even though NZD/USD was tiny distorted at 0.7272.

    Meanwhile, USD/CAD edged happening 0.09% to 1.2445, as traders were awaiting the Bank of Canada's assimilation rate decision due subsequent to in the hours of daylight.

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