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Thread: Newbie here

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    Default Newbie here

    Hello everyone,

    Just opened my personal forum account here. My name is Spin and I come from India. I would like to share the some ideas.

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    In this market place, we the traders in particularly the newcomers are try to achieve success very rapidly without learning. as a result, almost 90% traders are loser from here due to lack of accurate trading knowledge. so, we the trades have to choose in regulated trading broker which for all tie make sure best trading environment for acquiring proper trading knowledge by providing exclusive educational facilities.

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    Hello everyone

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    I wanted to try Lite trading long ago, I was sure that it was not difficult. It is good that I watched their webinars before I started trade with real account. It turned out that trading was much more complicated, but also more interesting. I want to say thanks for this useful information. Now I learn teaching materials and trade with demo-account

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