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  1. Excelente info. So The Vitamin C is sourced from...

    Excelente info. So The Vitamin C is sourced from the EU and passes through multiple quality control processes like beauty spas for ensure that our ascorbic acid is of the highest quality meeting...
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    AUDCHF poised for a clean bearish setup

    One of the worst currencies among the majors is AUD. This was apparent last week, but it can also be seen at the beginning of this week. In this analysis, I would like to show you what's happening...
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    FX Snaps Back: Will The Recovery Last?

    It was a roller coaster ride in the foreign-exchange market Tuesday with currencies rebounding strongly after hitting fresh lows at the start of the NY session. We often see turnarounds on Tuesday...
  4. EURUSD: euro hovering around the balance line

    On Monday the 8th of October, trading on the euro closed down against the dollar. The dollar made gains against most of the majors, although most of these gains were erased during the US session....
  5. Bitcoin Price Will Take ‘Months to Repair,’ Says Fundstrat Analyst

    It has proven to be a tough year for Bitcoin, and according to a technical analyst, it’s going to take “months to repair” before another rally takes place.

    Bitcoin Could Use Some TLC
    Bitcoin is...
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    EURUSD: euro back on the decline

    On Monday the 1st of October, trading on the euro closed down. The rate rose to 1.1625 during the European session before dropping to 1.1564 in the US. I found the market’s behaviour confusing...
  7. The events reflected in the EUR/CAD cross pair

    It’s been a very lively start to the new trading week, month and final quarter. On Monday we had all the hoopla over the US/Canadian trade deal, which sent the CAD soaring and at the same time we...
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    BoE Vs. ECB: Which Will Surprise More?

    By Kathy Lien. Thursday is a big day for euro and sterling. There are 2 monetary policy announcements on the calendar and the U.S. consumer price report. This means that not only will we learn how...
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    EURUSD: the sideways trend continues

    On Tuesday the 11th of September, trading on the euro closed slightly up against the dollar. The pair initially rose to 1.1644 before dropping to 1.1565. As I see it, these fluctuations were more the...
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    Is Bitcoin Dead?

    In this special episode (just like we did with Ethereum the other day) we look at where Bitcoin is now in the big picture.

    Therefore we take our Fibo-tools, and we measure the move up from 160 &...
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    Still no demand for bitcoin

    Let's start Monday with a quick look at the cryptocurrency market, with bitcoin serving as the most popular representative. We can see that BTC is smoothly falling down, almost like a leaf in autumn....
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    Brexit Deal Is Near So Why Is GBP So Weak?

    By Kathy Lien.
    It was an extremely volatile day for sterling. Taking a look at how GBP/USD traded on an intraday basis, there were at least 3 unexplained spikes that ranged from 50 to 80 pips, you...
  13. EURUSD: a rebound to the balance line is likely

    On Monday the 10th of September, trading on the euro closed up. The correction against Friday worked out. The price has recovered to 1.1616. It could go up higher, but was limited by a decrease in...
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    Leverage is important

    Leverage is important, and is established by the broker, that is why you have to read forex terms with your broker. Good management of your leverage guarantees success in your trade.
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    EURUSD: all eyes on NFP

    In order for this week’s trading to close at my projected level around 1.1580, the bears need to go on the attack today. For the time being, they’re holding off ahead of today’s NFP report in the US,...
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    forex trade ideas for today

    In the forex trade ideas for today in pair EUR/USD is still likely to grow. Estimated pivot point is at a level of 1.1500.
    Main scenario: long positions will be relevant from corrections above the...
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    Each broker has to be regulated to give us...

    Each broker has to be regulated to give us security, also must have mt4 trading signals, different types of accounts, so that each forex trader to select the platform that will help him to achieve...
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    For me best forex strategy...

    For me best forex strategy is day trading open at least four trades per week and hold them only during the day, you’re classified as day trader. Just like scalpers, day traders rely on technical...
  19. Bitcoin is good

    During the US session, BTCUSD consolidated between 7,020-7,427 USD. On Wednesday, trading in Europe opened quietly. The current rate is 7,050 USD. I continue to consider the upwards movement to 7,250...
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    The Price action trading strategy can be used in...

    The Price action trading strategy can be used in any market pair. You just have to set your input signal
  21. Enthusiasts remain optimistic about the prospects...

    Enthusiasts remain optimistic about the prospects for cryptocurrencies and see the launch of an ETF and the draw of institutional funds as being important for the next step, especially if the price...
  22. The dollar edged lower against a currency basket...

    The dollar edged lower against a currency basket on Thursday as concerns over the U.S. - China trade war and recent turmoil in emerging markets weighed on market sentiment.
    The U.S. dollar index,...
  23. Now let’s look at the hourly chart. While the...

    Now let’s look at the hourly chart. While the pair EURUSD has deviated from my weekly projection, I haven’t removed it from the chart because the rate has now returned to its projected level on the...
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    The Yen is in seriusly with the USD. I think the...

    The Yen is in seriusly with the USD. I think the usdjpy pair grown in the las month
  25. Hello Sir. Interesting topic, I think that...

    Hello Sir. Interesting topic, I think that USD/CAD is great pair for trading in forex in this momments
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