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  1. ZiLCoin: The first blockchain technology offer Zero Interest Loan opportunities

    ZiLCoin (ZRO) is an initiative of Advanced Analysis Australia....
  2. Finance your Projects & Assets the alternative way using the Blockchain

    Finance your Projects & Assets the alternative way using the Blockchain.
    Financing made easy!
  3. Short term investment – Should you invest in Crypto?

    A decade ago, most people would have laughed if you said you hold part of...
  4. How Andrew Schneider And Are Stealing Bitcoins is one of the world's latest cryptocurrency wallet providers and is sadly trusted by millions. These people are putting their savings at major risk as on countless occasions funds have...
  5. Doublejack: The World’s First iGaming Fintech ICO

    The World’s First iGaming Fintech ICO
    DJACK Token to become the Universal Insured iGaming Token
  6. 75% Strong Holder Offering (SHO) BSC-NRC20-ERC20 FarSwap

    FarSwap is a software running on ethereum Blockhain...
  7. Sting Defi NFT Gaming Project just hold in your wallet and get 100% to 1000%

    The NFT Gaming Pro based on Binance smart chain. it has staking benefits....
  8. Poliswap: Introducing the multi-pool protocol. Up to 5 pools using the same ETH

    Introducing the multi-pool protocol. Integration...
  9. BSC GAMES: Binance Smart Chain Decentralized Game Platform


    BSC Games is decentralized gaming platform on the Binance Smart Chain hence the name BSC Games,
    it is owned by no one nor present in any physical location
    but owned by...
  10. The best investment site CRYPTOWARE.BIZ

    CryptoWARE .BIZ is a registered investment...
  11. The Super Hero yield farming community on the Binance Smart Chain

    MarvelSwap is a decentralized cross-chain farming protocol...
  12. Invest in for 10-100x return with 500% return within 14 days

    Are you looking for an altcoin to invest in for 10-100x return...
  13. Rarible - create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain

    Manifest & Chill...
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    This NFT is going to the moon

    Introducing LiL Moon Rockets, a 13337 collectibles NFT vector pop-art collection.

    Inspired by CryptoPunks, Pop-art, Vector graphics, HashMasks and obviously the current evolvement of the...
  15. Dogecoin Cash: Combines the benefits of DeFi with the meme power of Dogecoin
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    Brace yourselves to be blown away!

    The entertainment biz is never going to be the same again!...
  17. Lotus Finance – Secure DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain

    Lotus Finance  is a decentralized exchange and yield farm built...
  18. How would you like to pay? All the ways to buy crypto with Ramp!

    At Ramp we focus on excellent user experience. And part of...
  19. Polygon: paving the way for Ethereum scaling

    When Ethereum followed Bitcoin, we were all amazed by its...
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    What is crypto ramp/on-ramp?

    We have been writing about crypto ramps and on-ramps for quite...
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    Ramp for individual users

    We have been talking a lot about partnerships, implementations and...
  22. Hemp Finance – Hemp Finance Cannabis 2.0 Powered by DeFi

    Hemp Finance
    Cannabis 2.0 Powered by DeFi
    Hemp Finance develops a DeFi protocol for the digitization, management, and financing of Startups and projects in the legal industry of Medicinal Cannabis...
  23. [ANN][IDO] Boopsy: a token that rewards holders of BOOP with more BOOP

    Boopsy is a token that rewards holders of BOOP with more BOOP. The initial supply starts at 5m BOOP and grows to a maximum of 100m BOOP through paying out rewards to holders. The reward rate...
  24. Bitcoin Gold – An Altcoin with huge potential for massive 10,000x returns

    Are you looking for an altcoin with huge potential for massive...
  25. Cryptocurrency – Strategies for long term investment

    A long term investment is one where everyone expects a digital currency to...
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