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    Such policy tools weaken the greenback, which...

    Such policy tools weaken the greenback, which dampened the dollar's gains on Wednesday. Later Wednesday, the U.S. will release industry data on non-farm employment change, followed by a report by the...
  2. proper planning is necessary in trading ?????

    in order to trade well we have to learn the trade and have to setup plan which will give us the effective situation in trading. so proper planning is necessary in order to make profit too.
  3. Is your capital do risk on a trade . your comments ??????????

    just curious. Would like to know how much of your capital each of you risks on a single trade. I risk 4% at most. that why this is so much risky to invest our money
  4. Question Is "Stop Loss" a must thing to do?

    Is stop loss a must thing to do?
    When is it necessary to do?
    I have never use "Stop Loss".
    Could anyone guide me pls..
  5. Is your experience in forex hard or easy?(Thread title ediited by Toxic)

    Hello Dear Member
    Ask a question in my mind about my experience with FX was it difficult or easy that I thought I put a topic here in the forum members share their experiences and hard and soft
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    can i depend completely on forex ?

    i don't have a job , can i depend completely on Forex for my income money ?
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    What is demo account????

    What is demo account????
    I want to know that what is demo account.I have no any knowledge about demo account.If any person know please tell me in reply or via secret massage.Please :cool:
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    i achive my daily target forex is a easy way to...

    i achive my daily target forex is a easy way to earn moeny online forex is my life i am very happy and enjoy my life i earn daily 400$ of above profit forex is my life it happened that your work from...
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    it depends on market condition that how much one...

    it depends on market condition that how much one should spend. because i'm very interested. it and i will like it becouse it is very easy for do it i am learning forex trading for last 2 months.
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    because with the help f forex i communicate with...

    because with the help f forex i communicate with other trader and improve my trading skills and forex learn me a lot about trading and marketing skills with the help of it i improve in my life style...
  11. But if the person don't have any job he should...

    But if the person don't have any job he should come in the trading instead of wasting time. .i carry on my study and Forex as a part time job. .they should come to fores and to have trade in it....
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    there are a number of trader that they join forex...

    there are a number of trader that they join forex trading and enjoy and also improve there living stander with the help of forex trading. i think trading is enjoyable. .so this time of trading is...
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    Crazy scalping(200%monthly) ???

    i have been trading scalping 3 months on demo account
    so today i decided to open new account with small deposit (don't need this money)
    (just 38.50+11.55 bonus) 50 dollars
  14. Which electronic money system do you use for forex deposits?

    Which electronic money system do you use for forex deposits?
    I have heard of paypal, web money and okpay and know there are many others but which one is more common among forex brokers and what are...
  15. Good & Bad Platforms ( Companies ) ???

    I would like to ask about the good and bad platforms in your mind and from each one experiences to let us avoid bad thing before it faces us

    What the advantages and disadvantages for each one

  16. Default Do you feel that forex trading will be profitable for you?

    With lot of hopes people start forex trading. but i dont know how far they are successfull, and how much they are earning daily(consistantly).
    Does anybody here is successful in trading and share...
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    Daily Analysis September 08, 2010 ??

    Euro Dollar

    The Euro fell heavily during yesterday’s Asian session, then it resumed the drop during the European session. After stopping just below the enormous resistance we talked about in...
  18. Supports And Resistance Levels For The Upcoming Trading Week : 6-10 Sep

    after small analys yesterday...

    here is key forex supports and resistance levels for the upcoming trading week. These technical levels are price areas/regions that forex traders should be paying...
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    Default 10 cents garbidge posts ?

    I saw there are some mebers posting garbage posts stating in the end that forex trading is waiste of time. Well my statement would be .... We are here to share knowledge, ideas info and experience...
  20. Default HotForex erase mine account ?

    Liquidity provider has placed the login ID on hold whilst it reviews the activity on the account as they believe there is use of an aggressive EA. Is it this happen to anyone and what do I have to do...
  21. Courage Under Stressful Conditions When the Outcome is Uncertain ?

    All the foreign exchange trading knowledge in the world is not going to help, unless you have the nerve to buy and sell currencies and put your money at risk. As with the lottery ?You gotta be in it...
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    Forex vs Hyip trading..??????

    I was just wondering that if a trusted and secure hyip is paying you 2% daily on your investment then is it better than forex because in forex newbies like me are never sure that what will be the...
  23. IMPORTANT: Read This Before Creating A Thread ?

    Hello everybody,
    hope you are all fine in both life and trading.

    Anyway going to the main objective of this thread, we have found that there are a lot of trash threads being created everyday in...
  24. Forex Live Account $310 Turned into $9131, No Loss!!!

    Learn How A Live Account Of $310 Turned Into $9131(four months) With No Loss, No Risk, No Stress Floating Position, And 100% Always Profit!!!

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    Is forex a life partner of anybody?

    People need more money in his life to enjoy the life with friends and family but they don't get more money. Forex gives people a great chance to earn more money.
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