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    Free Forex Software for Money Managers

    Hey guys I got this video from a full time professional trader. This system works on mini and micro accounts as well as full size accounts. The video and software are Free! I will send you the serial...
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    Pairs I like to trade

    There are 2 different pairs I like to trade, of course the EUR/USD but also USD/JPY they are both more fast movingÖ
  3. Is there really a true automated System out there?

    I think itís hard to find an automated system that works. I think I have found the best one. On you tube there is a video Forex Alert System Instruction Live Demonstration How to Generate Your Own...
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    Trading is now my full time/part time Job

    I am happy that I can finally say that I live off of trading. It has taken me 6 years to say that, but I am now there. Love trading and it has helped me have a good life where I am my own boss. I...
  5. It's never easy starting off trading in the Forex World

    First hand I know how hard it is to trade forex, you can profit a ton and also lose it just as quick. I don't trust any systems out there now a days. I did find 1 that I really like. Not sure if I...
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    Hello Fellow FXers

    New to this forum, but excited to see how everyone is doing and what everyone is using. I have traded stocks and now into Forex. I have lost a ton of money and gained it all back and then some. Hey...
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