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  1. Unrealistic profit expectations

    Forex is a great source of earning. Thatís why many people come to the market as they can earn l lot of money overnight. However, it is not possible unless you have the proper knowledge and skill to...
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    Traders need to be emotionless

    Traders need to be emotionless in order to properly trade in the market. Therefore, traders need to control their emotions during trading in order to carry out their plans perfectly. I learned...
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    Forex trading freelance market

    In forex trading, traders need knowledge that fits their goals. Don't use complex strategies that are difficult to follow, which leads to confusion. Also, keep in mind that you should choose a broker...
  4. Try the demo account instead of investing

    If you're a beginner, it's great if you try the demo account instead of investing. However, traders need to choose strategies according to their trading preferences and styles. Traders also need to...
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    Traders need to learn Forex

    Traders need to learn about Forex and various trading strategies and gather information to make a profit. They also struggle to choose a good broker and often lose money in scams. To avoid scams in...
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    Learning doesn't end in forex

    Learning doesn't end in Forex. So, learn to control the risk in trading. As we know it is a risky market to trade. In my case, my risk-return ratio is 1: 2. Thatís how I control my risk in trading....
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    Learning forex

    If new traders can carry out the strategy and make good profits, they are showing some great progress towards learning Forex. Also, keep in mind that brokers often limit certain strategies such as...
  8. Swap is an important matter when choosing a broker

    There are a lot of brokers in the market. Look at the different features and compare them to other brokers. Swap is an important matter when choosing a broker. It is the interest rate for holding a...
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    Forex trading know the market

    In forex trading, no matter what you learn, you should make sure that you understand it. Apply it in a proper trading strategy. However, many brokers do not allow some specific trading strategy....
  10. Traders need to improve their skills

    Traders need to improve their skills as well as the basics by practicing in the demo. Traders also need to choose a strategy that suits their trading style and preferences. Traders also choose...
  11. I have been trading here for almost 7 years. And...

    I have been trading here for almost 7 years. And I still think I need more and more time to perfect my trading style. According to my opinion there are no fixed time to get enough experience in this...
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    Newbies go for low leverage

    It would be good if newbies go for low leverage. Otherwise, you will not be able to live a comfortable trading life. I am a forex trader, have chosen to trade in Eurotrader. The broker also offers...
  13. Develop a profitable trading strategy

    Forex is good business. Develop a profitable trading strategy with appropriate demo practice. Nowadays, most brokers like Eurotrader offer demos to traders. The broker also offers lots of...
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    Skill and knowledge

    If traders have skill and knowledge, easy for them to increase capital. However, It is difficult to stay safe at all times using high leverage. Because it depends on the emotions of the trader. My...
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    Demo trading

    In demo trading, traders can take high leverage for trading in a high lot to see the performance how works. Also, leverage depends on the strategy. Many brokers do not accept many trading concepts...
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    Manage risk properly

    If traders manage risk properly then leverage makes the trading easier a little bit. It is recommended that you first learn the proper way to use leverage. Nowadays, most brokers like Eurotrader...
  17. Analyze and predict the market trend

    Forex will be a good business if traders know how to handle their trades to analyze, predict the market trend, and become profitable. I recommend that trading first build a strategy. As a result,...
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    High leverage for small trader

    In high leverage, traders do not have to worry about margin calculation and free margin, etc. However, itís risky so test it in demo first. New traders tend to neglect the importance of demo accounts...
  19. Traders pick a strategy and leverage

    Traders pick a strategy and then leverage that requires along with it. Using high leverage is harmful to novice traders. Many brokers, including my broker Eurotrader, offer the high leverage....
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    Forex trading is good or bad

    Forex trading is as good as bad. Emotions can be a dangerous problem if you don't control them. That's why my broker, Eurotrader, provides educational resources on trading psychology. The broker also...
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    Practical decision-making

    Those traders who want to get maximal positive outcomes from forex trading should give due attention to practical decision-making. Dem account is best for it. It will be very helpful in the future to...
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    Leverage make your decision

    Regardless of how much leverage traders can use for trading, it's the traderís choice. Traders just have to be wise when trading so that they can get more maximal results. As a scalper, I choose to...
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    Leverage is a bliss

    Leverage is being chosen according to the amount traders are having which is capital, moreover, leverage is not a must so one can also trade normally without it. But traders need to learn the all...
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    High leverage means

    High leverage means that traders can use only a small balance margin to open trading positions. Learn to control your emotion first to use high leverage. In my case, my broker Eurotrader provides a...
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    New trader

    If you are a new trader, you should not high leverage. Most traders are unsuccessful because of leverage. Beginner traders most of the time do not consider seriously the effects of their actions....
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