A revolutionary Defi & DEX platform Built on Solana Blockchain, SOLACIT is designed for an effective,
outstanding DeFi and DEX platform. Transactions on the platform are facilitated via a high-speed trading engine
that can process payment or redemption transactions at a very fast speed.
Designed with the needs of international digital asset traders, wealth managers, and enterprise, our platform
has a fully decentralized digital asset management network, trading tools, and global payments system.

Step-by-step guide:

1.Go to Solacit Airdrop Page

2. Join their Telegram group

3. Follow Solacit on Twitter

4. Retweet the pinned post on your Twitter account & tag 3 friends

5. Follow them on Facebook

6. Follow our Partner Telegram Group (optional-chance of winning increase)

7. Submit your details

8. Refer This Airdrop Campaign to other(Optional-will increase the chance of winning)