D.AI.SY is crowdfunding a well-respected Fintech (Financial Technology) company
with a12-year history of creating AI (Artificial Intelligence) trading solutions for large financial
institutions in which you can receive shares in the IPO (Initial Public Of
fering) and passive income generated from their trading profits.

This Fintech company has a history of creating extraordinary trading results on a consistent
basis. The Crowd Fund will bring to the trading market the next generation of revolutionary
Artificial Intelligence technology that will execute trades with an accuracy rate so far unseen
in the market, leading to expected trading profits up to 4 times better than the results already
achieved throughout their impressive history.

The CEO is a world-leading PhD in AI and has been highlighted on the Financial
Commission website and was also a Compliance Officer for the Commodity Futures Trading
Commission (CFTC) & Net Foreign Assets (NFA).

The company has been endorsed by Gemini as a trusted institutio
nal trader provider of automated crypto trading strategies. (Gemini is one of the world’s largest and most respected cryptocurrency exchange companies).

Until recently, access to this company was only possible for institutional traders with a
minimum $1 m
illion investment requirement and an annual license fee of $125,000. That has
now changed: those that participate in the crowd-funding project can receive equity in the
company through shares and benefit directly from the profits generated by this revolutionary

Participation in the crowd fund starts with as little as $100 and participants enjoy ongoing
passive income rewards. For those that choose to share this Crowd Funding opportunity with others the project offers lucrative rewards. These range from supplementary income rewards to potentially life-
changing revenue streams.

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Passive Earning Solution

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